Welcome to my instagram page

Recently I decided to create instagram page for my hand-drawing artwork. Sometimes it's so nice just take a rest from all computes and device and just enjoy drawing :)


My first #inktober challenge. That was super creative and productive month! Sketching every day and back to ink drawing as well. The whole Oktober the weather was great, so I even had some walking adventures for outdoor sketching.


Woman & cat is my small art challenge.

During all month, every day I was making a new sketch about girls, cats and their relationship. In the end of the month, I had 30 different color stories. 

 iPad + Procreate app + Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

Dutch Open Hackathon 2015

Yummy Kratje is an application that helps you to search for yummy recipes using Albert Heijn API and easily transform them into a shopping list.

Global Game Jam 2015/The Yard of Art

This was our first hackathons as Pink Panther team (two developers and one designer). In the time span of 48 hours, we made a game "The Yard of Art" which dedicated to all people who are into the art and stealing any form of art :) You have to go through different rooms to compile a perfect crime and steal adorable masterpieces.